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Overview of Services

Student writing on paper

The SALT Center's comprehensive services include:


  • Tutors model learning strategies specific to the subject matter
  • Most UA courses are supported
  • Schedule study sessions in the afternoon and evening
  • Match and schedule your tutors through our online portal
  • Meet with tutors Individually
  • Attend a group study session for your course
  • Drop-in or schedule an appointment for writing support across the curriculum
  • Drop-in or schedule appointment for your Math and Science courses

Strategic Learning Specialist

  • Your point person for SALT Center and campus resources
  • Design your Individualized Learning Plan
  • Feel comfortable in your personalized sessions
  • Learn strategies to help you improve your academics
  • Monitor your academic progress


  • Actively participate in reading & writing strategy instruction
  • Learn how to manage your time and stay organized
  • Learn how you can use the latest apps and mobile devices to learn

Psychological Services

  • Schedule a confidential appointment with a clinical psychological intern
  • Access a convenient and specialized, one-on-one session


  • Build your student leadership skills
  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Interact with SALT Center prospective families
  • Facilitate SALT Center specific presentations and tours
  • Answer common questions about your college experience


  • Use the SALT Center Computer Resource Lab (CRL) as your place to print, study and research
  • Draft your essays using dictation software
  • Listen and read along to your course readings
  • Brainstorm and organize your thoughts using the latest learning apps