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Comprehensive Service $2,600 Lower Division students Semester Included  
Comprehensive Service $1,100 Upper Division students Semester $20 per hour  
Pre-College Summer Program $3,200 High School students (10th-12th) Summer Included  
Life & ADHD Coaching $1,350 High School & College students Three Month Contract N/A  


Fee Breakdown

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Undergraduate Lower Division Students
  • Students with fewer than 60 completed credits
  • $2,600.00 per semester ($5,200.00 per academic year)
Undergraduate Upper Division Students
  • Students with 60 or more completed credits
  • $1,100.00 per semester ($2,200.00 per academic year)
    • Individual tutoring will be charged on an hourly basis at $20.00 per hour
    • Students may request tutoring in any class (The SALT Center cannot guarantee the availability of tutors in every UA course, especially upper-division courses)
    • Upper division tutoring fees will be billed to the student's bursars account at the end of the semester, and will not exceed the difference between the lower division and upper division rates
Part-time Students
  • The SALT Center does not prorate fees for part-time enrollment
  • Fees are per semester regardless of the number of enrolled units
Pre-session, Summer Session and/or Winter Session Students

Students utilizing tutoring services during pre-session, summer and/or winter sessions will be billed $20.00 per hour

Computer Resource Lab (CRL) Printing
  • Fall and spring semester fees include 200 pages of computer lab printing
  • Summer and/or winter sessions include 50 pages of computer lab printing per session (Excess printing will be billed at five cents per page at the end of the semester or session)