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Fees & Scholarships

SALT Center Fees

Comprehensive Service $2,800 Lower Division students Semester Included  
Comprehensive Service $1,200 Upper Division students Semester $21 per hour  
Life & ADHD Coaching $1,350

High School & College students


Three Months N/A  

Fee Breakdown

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Undergraduate Lower Division Students
  • Students with fewer than 60 completed credits
  • $2,800.00 per semester ($5,600.00 per academic year)
Undergraduate Upper Division Students
  • Students with 60 or more completed credits
  • $1,200.00 per semester ($2,400.00 per academic year)
    • Individual tutoring will be charged on an hourly basis at $21.00 per hour
    • Students may request tutoring in any class (The SALT Center cannot guarantee the availability of tutors in every UA course, especially upper-division courses)
    • Upper division tutoring fees will be billed to the student's bursars account at the end of the semester, and will not exceed the difference between the lower division and upper division rates
Part-time Students
  • The SALT Center does not prorate fees for part-time enrollment
  • Fees are per semester regardless of the number of enrolled units
Pre-session, Summer Session and/or Winter Session Students

Students utilizing tutoring services during pre-session, summer and/or winter sessions will be billed $21.00 per hour

SALT Center Scholarship Award Application

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2016 - 2017 SALT Center Scholarship Award

The SALT Center offers a need-based scholarship award to help compensate for the fees associated with participating in the program. The majority of our scholarship awards are funded by donations from our generous supporters to ensure that deserving students have access to the SALT Center regardless of their family's financial status.

Incoming freshmen, transfer students, and currently enrolled students are welcome to apply. The scholarship award application and additional required materials are available below.

Click here to access the 2016-2017 SALT Center Scholarship Award Application.


The deadline to submit this application is March 1, 2016.

INSTRUCTIONS for Completing the Scholarship Application

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  1. Please view Frequently Asked Questions about the SALT Center Scholarship Application for important details.
  2. Please complete all fields on the application.
  3. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If necessary, please submit a Word document that contains relevant financial information that is not reflected on the FAFSA application. This section is OPTIONAL.
  1.  EMAIL your completed SALT Center Scholarship Application materials to:

  2. The DEADLINE to submit all SALT Center Scholarship Application materials is: MARCH 1, 2016

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS About The SALT Center Scholarship Award

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Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

  1. Students who are enrolled at UA and at the SALT Center.
  2. Students who are enrolled full-time (12 credits each semester for fall and spring).
  3. Students who are in good academic standing.
  4. Students with financial need.


What is required to be considered for a scholarship?

  1. A FAFSA application must be submitted to the UA Financial Aid Office before March 1, 2016.
  2. A completed SALT Center Scholarship Award Application must be submitted before March 1, 2016.


What are the terms of the scholarship?

  1. Scholarships are awarded for one specific academic year, unless otherwise noted in the award email.
  2. Scholarships cover the SALT Center program fee for fall and/or spring semesters only.
  3. Scholarship awards will be adjusted if a recipient moves to the Upper Division program fee during an academic year.
  4. Scholarship awards are posted to a recipient’s Bursar’s account in two parts, one in fall and one in spring, unless otherwise noted in the award email.
  5. Scholarships are non-negotiable.


How much scholarship money is available?

  1. Scholarships are funded by generous donors.
  2. Scholarships are based on available funds each academic year.
  3. Scholarships may vary in amount and name from year to year for recurring recipients.
  4. Scholarship awards range between 10% and 50% of the SALT Center program fee.
  5. Scholarship percentages are based on available funding, the number of applicants, and financial need.


What are the requirements to keep my scholarship?

  1. Recipients should attend a scholarship celebration event held each February.
  2. Recipients should write a Thank You note to the donor of their scholarship, when instructed.


What is the communication procedure when addressing scholarship topics?

  1. Policy dictates that communication will be directed to students via their UA email account.
  2. An official notification of a scholarship award will be sent via UA email at the end of May.


What if I miss the March 1 deadline?

  1. Candidates who apply after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list.
  2. Consideration of a scholarship will occur after awards for qualifying candidates have been determined and only if funds are available.
  3. Waiting list candidates may be considered for a “spring only” award if funds become available.

Arizona Assurance

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For incoming freshmen who are enrolled in the SALT Center and who qualify as Arizona Assurance scholars, the SALT Center will provide a fee waiver for one academic year only to cover the SALT Center program fee. Students will need to apply for a SALT Center need-based scholarship each academic year after the freshmen year.

Scholarship Universe

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Scholarship Universe is a state of the art scholarship matching system – exclusively for University of Arizona students. Scholarship Universe will eventually allow students to track scholarships they are automatically being reviewed for, view scholarships that have been awarded, apply directly to UA scholarships, and be matched to outside scholarships for which they meet 100% of the criteria.