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For fully online students with learning or attention differences, the University of Arizona is proud to now offer a comprehensive array of support services through the internationally acclaimed SALT Center. Students enrolled through Arizona Online or the Arizona Near You Network can choose from three different coaching plans to best meet their academic needs.







Student Support Specialists

  • Work one-on-one with an experienced professional to get individualized assistance with educational planning, goal setting, time management, organization, and learning strategies.
  • Meet Jennifer Hansen, our primary Student Support Specialist for Arizona Online students.
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  • Our CRLA certified tutors are specifically trained to work with students who have learning and attention challenges and will meet you where you're at to help you develop as a lifelong learner and successful student.
  • DROP-IN TUTORING (unlimited) is available for any writing or reading assignment and most math and natural science courses.
  • APPOINTMENT-BASED TUTORING is available for most courses, dependent on tutor availability. Set up a standing appointment to secure the same tutor on a recurring basis (recommended) or schedule sessions as you need them.
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Educational Technology Support

  • Get help with a specific technology concern or explore different educational apps and tech tools. Staff can help you navigate class tools like D2L and help you install and master apps for things like mind-mapping, creating citations, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, calendaring, email, and much more!
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Student Resource Hub

  • Accessed within D2L, this growing library of student support resources and academic skills modules is specifically curated for University of Arizona students with learning and attention differences. 

Psychological Services

  • Confidential appointments with qualified counseling staff who can provide you with a clinical assessment, treatment plan, and supportive strategies. Issues we often address include anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loss, substance abuse, sleep disorders, and managing life in college.
  • Only available with Tier III enrollment. Geographic restrictions may apply. Contact us for more information.
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Academic Intervention

  • Academic Intervention is for students needing intensive supplemental support in academic skills areas such as: reading, writing, math, organization, researching, test taking, or time management. Support is provided by our knowledgeable Academic Intervention Coordinators​.
  • Only available with Tier III enrollment. Contact us to see if Academic Intervention would be a good fit for you.

Coaching Plan

Services Included


(All appointments are 60 minutes)


Tier I



Learning & Student Support

  • Weekly Specialist Meetings
  • Drop-In Tutoring (unlimited)
  • Student Resource Hub (D2L)

*Appointment-Based Tutoring, as needed, is available at additional cost of $35/hour


Up to 7 hours of Specialist meetings per 7-week term

Up to 14 hours of Specialist meetings per semester

  • $340 per 7-week term


  • $565 per semester

Tier II



Learning & Student Support
(Schedule to be determined with Specialist)

  • Weekly Specialist Meetings
  • Drop-in Tutoring (unlimited)
  • Student Resource Hub (D2L)
  • Standing Tutoring Appts

*Additional Appointment-Based Tutoring, as needed, is available at additional cost of $35/hour


Up to 16 hours between Specialist meetings and Tutoring appts per 7-week term

Up to 32 hours between Specialist meetings and Tutoring appointments per semester

  • $680 per 7-week term


  • $1,130 per semester

Tier III




Learning & Student Support, Academic Intervention (Schedule determined with Specialist)

  • Weekly Specialist Meeting
  • Drop-in Tutoring (unlimited)
  • Student Resource Hub (D2L)
  • Standing Tutoring Appts
  • **Academic Intervention
  • Clinical Services^
  • Educational Tech Support

*Additional Appointment-Based Tutoring, as needed, is available at additional cost of $35/hour


Up to 28 hours between Specialist meetings, Tutoring, Academic Intervention, Clinical Services and Tech Coaching appts per 7-week term

Up to 56 hours between between all services above, per semester

  • $1,130 per 7-week term


  • $2,260 per semester

^Counseling/therapy is limited to students physically located in Arizona (note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, certain states have enacted emergency orders for practicing virtually across state borders; availability for this is subject to change). Wellness coaching is available to students for whom therapy is not available.

** Academic Intervention charges will not accrue if the student is on Academic Warning or Academic Probation.

Students will receive an initial consultation session with a Student Support Specialist prior to the start of each term to determine their weekly schedule. This session will not count towards a student's coaching plan hours. Student Support Specialists will develop an organized visual tool with students to build and map out the elements of their coaching plan.

All purchased sessions not used within the selected term will be forfeited.

If you have not already done so, first apply to Arizona Online and wait to be accepted before beginning our separate application. Set aside at least 30 minutes to complete our application. You may save and return to it at any time. Email us with any questions. We are here for you!

  • Login to the SALT Center Application
  • Respond to all the questions in the Application.
  • Be sure to check the box in the Student Type section indicating that your are applying to SALT Online.
  • Upload the most current and comprehensive documentation you might have of a learning or attention challenge. An alternative personal statement may be accepted for applicants without a documented challenge. Learn More
  • Provide us with the contact information of an educational recommender, such as a teacher, tutor, counselor, or school administrator
  • Complete the Reflection Prompt which asks you to describe a difficult life situation and how you handled it
  • Complete the multiple-choice Self Awareness Survey which will help us get to know you better
  • Review and sign your completed application and pay the SALT Center application fee of $15.00

After your application is submitted, we will review it and notify you of your eligibility to enroll in the SALT Center. If needed, we may also reach out for more information to help us make a determination.

More Application Details

Please contact us with any questions you might have about our services or the application process. We are here for you!

Note: Our Coaching Plans for Arizona Online and Arizona Near You Network students are offered under unique terms and pricing which are different from our main-campus services. As a result, some of the other pages on our website will contain information which may not apply to you.