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Our Mission

The Assessment of Behavior and Learning for Excellence (ABLE) Clinic's mission is to:

  • Provide evaluations to children and adults with suspected neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., learning disorders, autism, ADHD) or brain injuries in order to help provide services in school and at work.

  • Assist individuals with cognitive, emotional, and physical difficulties with making decisions regarding their education, employment, and other future endeavors.

  • Provide vocational/career assessments to determine an individual’s ability to work and what accommodations may help them succeed.

About Us

The ABLE Clinic services the state of Arizona by providing individuals with comprehensive evaluations to assist in diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and coordination of care.

Previous to October of 2020, the ABLE Clinic was known as the Disability Assessment Research Clinic (DARC), which had been in operation since 1994. In that time, the clinic has conducted more than 4,000 comprehensive, integrated psycho/social, neuropsychological, medical and vocational assessments directly related to assisting numerous public, private, state and federal programs in their work with individuals with medical, physical, mental, psychological, neuropsychological and psychiatric disabilities. We are happy to announce the continuation of such services, in addition to expanding diagnostic services to both the pediatric and adult population of southern Arizona.

Given the climate of COVID-19, the ABLE Clinic is able to provide teleassessment services as well as a hybrid of both teleassessment and in-person evaluations. Please call for more information.

Contact Us

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Our Location

ABLE Clinic

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