Psychological and Wellness Services

Psychologist and wellness coach writing down the SALT students concerns

We offer free and confidential one-on-one counseling and wellness services to students enrolled in the SALT Center. Conveniently located inside the SALT Center, our brief, solution-focused therapy model is designed to be student-driven, so you can work on your goals at your pace. We will offer online and in-person services consistent with university policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to your Student Support Specialist about a referral. If you do not want to wait until your next meeting, you can also contact Dr. Roxana Samaniego at Appointments are typically scheduled within 2 weeks of referral.

No, students can access our services whether they have a definitive diagnosis or not. Many students seek psychological services to help deal with changes in their lives, relationship issues, family issues, and many other concerns that are not related to a diagnosis. We can also help students with developing stress management skills, coping with interpersonal issues, engaging in personal growth, and more. We also work with students to develop a greater understanding of their learning or attention differences.

If a student would like to receive a clinical evaluation, they might consider working with our partners at the ABLE Clinic. The ABLE Clinic serves the University of Arizona community by providing individuals with comprehensive evaluations to assist in diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and coordination of care.

Our psychological and wellness services team includes doctoral-level therapists under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. We are committed to ensuring the same standard of care you would receive anywhere in the community. We encourage students to make consultation appointments to see if our therapists are a good fit for you or to help you find a better fit elsewhere.

ABLE Clinic

The ABLE Clinic is now part of the SALT Center. Our experienced team expands the SALT Center's Clinical Services by providing comprehensive evaluations for the University of Arizona community.