6 students in a workshop room together on their laptops

SALT Center workshops, facilitated by staff, offer students the opportunity to learn new skills and academic strategies, provide a better understanding of learning challenges, and explore ways to conform learning strategies according to student's individual learning styles. Students can talk with their Student Support Specialist to learn more about enrolling in workshops that may be suitable for their particular needs.

  • Actively participate in reading & writing strategy instruction
  • Learn how to manage your time and stay organized
  • Learn how you can use the latest apps and mobile devices to learn

See the calendar for our currently scheduled workshops:

Workshop Calendar

Examples of Past Workshops:

Reading Strategies

A step by step approach to improving your reading comprehension for literary texts and informational texts.

Exam Prep

Explore ways to prepare for exams and improve memory.

Test Taking

This workshop will help improve your test taking skills and reduce test anxiety.

Note Taking

Tips for taking effective notes in your college classes.

Developing Effective Study Skills

This workshop will discuss learning styles, concepts of executive functioning, time management, and organization to give students hands-on, ready-to-use strategies for studying and completing assignments.

Strengthen your Writing

This workshop focuses on how to assess and modify specific elements of your written work prior to submission in order to relieve the anxiety of essay writing.


This workshop will help students design their own anti-procrastination plan as they examine the reasons why they procrastinate, at the same tile learning helpful strategies to combat procrastinating. The end result will be an empowered student who feels more confident, proactive and task-oriented.

Text Book Navigation

In this workshop, you will learn how to navigate and organize the information presented in your textbooks. You will also get the opportunity to create an easy-to-understand outline. This workshop requires a textbook, so bring one from a current class.